Tuesday, December 13, 2016

[Song] 내가 저지른 사랑 by 임창정

내가 저지른 사랑
From album "I'M 13th" released on 2016.09.06

떠나거든 내 소식이 들려오면
이제는 모른다고 해줘
언제나 내 맘속에서
커져만 갔던 너를
조금씩 나도 지우려 해
사랑해 라고 말하고 싶었지만
늘 미안하다고만 했던 나


(잊고 잊혀지고 지우고
처음 만난 그때가 그리워진 사람
다시 못 올 몇 번의 그 계절
떠나버린 너의 모습을
지우고 버리고 비워도
어느 새 가득 차버린 내사랑)

안 된다고 사랑하면 안 된다고
하지만 우린 함께했지
언제나 내 마음이라
사랑하던 맘이라
그리 아파할 줄 몰랐어
미안해 라고 안아주고 싶지만
점이 돼버린 그 뒷모습

Repeat Chorus

모든 게 나 때문인데
왜 네가 더 힘들어
네가 왜 내 맘을 위로해
Repeat Chorus

English Translation
Lim Chang Jung – 내가 저지른 사랑
If you leave and you hear about me
Say that you don’t know anymore
You used to always grow in my heart
But now I’m trying to slowly erase you
I wanted to tell you, I love you
But I always said, I’m sorry, instead
(Forgetting, being forgotten, erasing
I long for the time when we first met
That season that will never come again
Images of you leaving
I try erasing, throwing away and emptying
But my love fills me up again)

We can’t, we can’t love, we said
But we were together
It was how I always felt, it was always love
So I didn’t know it would be this painful
I wanted to say sorry and hug you
But you were so far away, you became a dot
Repeat chorus

Everything is my fault
so why are you struggling more?
Why are you comforting me?
Repeat chorus
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